TO Strand Holiday

Last week we headed down to TO Strand for the last of the school holidays and since all the other schools had already started, the park was quite empty.  This is one of the better caravan parks as the facilities are clean, the sites are awesome, the staff are friendly and helpful, and of course the beach is a stones throw away.  We had an amazing time with more highs than lows(camping can be tough at times especially when it rains for 36 hours) and here are some pics illustrating the beautiful park, the beach and surrounds and of course my special family.

This cross is just so amazing and I just couldn’t help photographing it with the different backdrops that presented themselves. Only God could create such an amazing sky.

What more you could you ask for, a Braai right on your doorstep. Aah, good times!

I woke up at 4am and had to head out the main gate to the nearby car park to get to the beach as the park’s gates were locked. The skies didn’t look promising in the dark but I saw some reflections starting in the small river so although I hate standing still and doing nothing I forced myself to stay there and wait for the sun to start rising. Wow what an awesome reward.

Thomas was super keen to catch some fish but the fish were so small that they couldn’t pull the float down. Luckily we did catch one big mullet which we then released but it gave us all lots of excitement.

I love the colours in this pic and of course the wave splashing on the rocks adds a little extra to the whole scene.

I said “I don’t do photos” didn’t you hear me?

The tranquil and scenic little river outside our campsite at sunset.

I tried every angle to try dodge the flood light from the house but just couldn’t avoid it. That is the full moon setting over the horizon.

One of the little gullies around the corner just before sunrise. I told Amy to come swim here in this really quiet gully but when we got here the tide had gone out and it was all dry rocks.

Amy having fun with a beach ball.

Mandy and Tom sharing a moment next to the river.

I love this pic because of the contrast of the dull sky in the background and the bright reflections in the river.

It’s all about getting all your ducks in a row. Haha I couldn’t help myself.

How could I stop capturing such an amazing scene. Another sunrise reflection.

Amy again having fun on the beach.

That was Thomas who insisted the names be in a straight line.

Yes that rain in the distance did come over and in the end it gave us reason to pack up at 5:45pm which actually turned out for the best as we got home late and then gave us the whole of the next day to unpack, dry and clean everything before packing it all away again.

This was our hike next to the Umtamvuna river which was a real highlight. It is an unspoilt forest that seems to never end. You can do either 30 min, 1-2hour, 4 hour or 10 hour hikes which are really worth it. It is hard to believe that places like this still exist. Image courtesy of Emily. Walking in front is great as you get to see everything first especially the spider webs clinging to the end of your nose.

Mandy finding a moment to do some yoga. I would have joined in but I didn’t know any chiropractors in the area.

Emily off on her morning run.

Such a spectacular sunrise.

Thomas wondering when he will get another turn to fish. Never thought I would see Mandy hogging the fishing rod.

This took a lot of effort so I can see why families hire photographers to take the pics instead of themselves.

That same sunrise again but from a different angle.

Some waterfalls over the rocks due to the spring tides.

The Egyptian geese were quite tame and would even eat bread from your hand.

Emily spotted this on our hike and took the snap with her camera.

The same sunrise as earlier but shortly after the sun had started popping over the horizon.

Mandy in relax mode before the school rush started again.

Thomas with his amazing attention to detail. He is building a 4×4.

I really enjoy photographing the clouds and different skies as they change so quickly and are never the same.

the cross again with an interesting cloud formation in the background.

Emily after her run and Amy after playing catch with the beach ball.

The beautiful forest that we hiked through.

This rock pool had some cute fish in and I was amazed how they actually swam up to you instead of swimming away and hiding under the nearest rock. Tom saying hello to the fish.

Some of the creepy crawlies that we spotted in the forest.

Look at the camera and say Cheese! I think it doesn’t like cheese by the look on its face.

A really odd looking snail that Emily spotted in the forest. Image courtesy of Emily.

Emily getting the timing spot on with this pic. Image taken by Emily.

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