Penwarn Country Lodge

I , along with my family, were invited back to Penwarn Country Lodge recently after photographing a wedding(view wedding Blog here) there two months ago.  I was asked to photograph the beautiful place as they are busy updating their website and marketing pics and I could not say no.  It is the most beautiful place to visit with an abundance of horses(over 700), the bird life … [Read more...]

Country Wedding at Penwarn with Jaco and Islay

Rain, rain go away come again another day!  Nope that didn't happen.  I was excited to visit Penwarn Lodge for the first time and was completely blown away by the stunning scenery even though it was pouring with rain.  I arrived at Penwarn late Friday afternoon and thank goodness I did otherwise I would have been traveling on Saturday in pouring rain and on muddy roads.  This … [Read more...]

Wedding dress collaboration in the Drakensberg with ODM and Olivelli

Tracey Laubscher from Olivelli mentioned to me a while ago that she wanted some of her dresses photographed in some local areas so she eventually gave in to my nagging and setup the shoot.  She thought of trying some places close to Durban to make it easier but I politely persuaded her to "go big or go home" and so we ended up at Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse in the … [Read more...]

Wedding shoot in the Drakensberg with Ridwaan and Aysha

Ridwaan and Aysha asked me if I would do their photoshoot for them on their honeymoon in the Drakensberg.  No problem.  I spent most of the day in the the car but it was worth the drive just seeing the breathtaking scenery of the berg once again.  Wow we live in s special country.  Unfortunately we picked the hottest day for the shoot along with a clear blue sky which may sound … [Read more...]

The Amphitheatre

After my hike up Giants Castle a few months ago I knew I could do this more often. Hiking is not something I have always been keen on doing but now that I have done it, Im hooked!! Just like that my entire perception of "hiking" in the Berg has changed. Sitting on the edge of a cliff 3000m high above the clouds is just indescribable, almost magical. Awesome weekend spent doing … [Read more...]

Adam and Felicity at Netherwood

Netherwood is one of my favourite venues in the Midlands so I am always excited to go photograph a wedding there.  Adam and his fellow birdwatchers got ready at the cottages at the same time as Felicity was getting ready but I managed to get some pics of them before hand just chilling out with their binoculars in hand.  The main house at Netherwood was quite full with most of … [Read more...]