Pre-Wedding shoot at uShaka Pier with Shandu and Angel

Shandu called me up and asked if we could do a pre-wedding shoot at sunrise so I checked the weather report and the only decent day would be that next morning so off we went.  The theory of a sunrise shoot is all very well but in reality it can be a really tricky shoot as was the case here.  Angel only started her makeup just before the sun popped over the horizon and then finished only once it was already quite high up in the sky.  That gave me some serious challenges as the difference between overexposed(bright light) and underexposed(dark shadows) is huge so if you are wanting the sky to look all pretty then you need to in theory provide a similar intensity light source on your subjects.  And then throw in the moving sea and yes you guessed it I ended up with wet clothes.  We did have some fun on the beach and Shandu and Angel were good sports and willing to get wet themselves.  Shandu even channeled his inner David Hasselhof for one of the scenes.  We then set off inland to get a different backdrop with some greenery and although I was still in wet pants it was an easier part of the shoot as we could utilize the shade and didn’t have waves to negotiate.  In the end we got some really good pics and despite the challenges of the heat, bright sun, waves and sea sand it was a successful shoot.  Next comes the wedding day which hopefully isn’t as challenging, well for me anyway.  Thanks Shandu and Angel see you soon.


  1. Great outcome….would not expect anything less!
    Well done….again….as always

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