Penwarn Country Lodge

I , along with my family, were invited back to Penwarn Country Lodge recently after photographing a wedding(view wedding Blog here) there two months ago.  I was asked to photograph the beautiful place as they are busy updating their website and marketing pics and I could not say no.  It is the most beautiful place to visit with an abundance of horses(over 700), the bird life cannot be matched, Blesbuck, Ostrich, Wildebeest, Zebra, the accommodation is ideal, the staff are friendly and welcoming, the scenery is spectacular and you can either just relax and do nothing or there are enough activities to keep the hyperactive satisfied.  It is almost like a sensory overload.  The kids were always busy either feeding the baby goats or lambs, canoeing, riding horses, riding bikes or joining me on my photographic adventures.  I have to say that getting up at 3:30am every morning started to take its toll but it was worth it as I managed to be out in the crisp, fresh, mountain air and hear the jackals, birds(especially the fish eagles) and cows(from the distant dairy) start their morning activities.  It also allowed me to capture some of the breathtaking scenery at the right time.  I knew before we arrived at Penwarn that I would battle with reaching a happy medium with being with the family and working at the same time and it was really tough as their was always something to be photographed.  The weather changes in an instant being so close to the mountains so one minute the sky looks bland and then the next it looks like a Nikon moment.  Then there was the dams that had an abundance of bird life from fish eagles, geese, ducks, terns, cranes etc etc.  The vulture hide is being improved, their are plans to build a hide out on the dam, and plans to start bird watching weekends and photography weekends as well so keep visiting the Penwarn site especially after the upgrades.  I hope to return their soon but until then I have these pics to remind me of the magic of Penwarn.  Thank you to Ken, Shannon and the rest of the friendly staff for making our stay so special.PenwarnCountryLodge_001 PenwarnCountryLodge_002 PenwarnCountryLodge_003 PenwarnCountryLodge_004 PenwarnCountryLodge_005 PenwarnCountryLodge_006 PenwarnCountryLodge_007 PenwarnCountryLodge_008 PenwarnCountryLodge_009 PenwarnCountryLodge_010 PenwarnCountryLodge_011 PenwarnCountryLodge_012 PenwarnCountryLodge_013 PenwarnCountryLodge_014 PenwarnCountryLodge_015 PenwarnCountryLodge_016 PenwarnCountryLodge_017 PenwarnCountryLodge_018 PenwarnCountryLodge_019 PenwarnCountryLodge_020 PenwarnCountryLodge_021 PenwarnCountryLodge_022 PenwarnCountryLodge_023 PenwarnCountryLodge_024 PenwarnCountryLodge_025 PenwarnCountryLodge_026 PenwarnCountryLodge_027 PenwarnCountryLodge_028 PenwarnCountryLodge_029 PenwarnCountryLodge_030 PenwarnCountryLodge_031 PenwarnCountryLodge_032 PenwarnCountryLodge_033 PenwarnCountryLodge_034 PenwarnCountryLodge_035 PenwarnCountryLodge_036 PenwarnCountryLodge_037 PenwarnCountryLodge_038 PenwarnCountryLodge_039 PenwarnCountryLodge_040 PenwarnCountryLodge_041 PenwarnCountryLodge_042 PenwarnCountryLodge_043 PenwarnCountryLodge_044 PenwarnCountryLodge_045 PenwarnCountryLodge_046 PenwarnCountryLodge_047 PenwarnCountryLodge_048 Penwarn LexarMemory



  1. Jenny Jonnes says:

    Wade your photos are amazing. There are no words that can express your photos. So so beautiful

  2. Lynn Harrison says:

    Stunning Wade … Just stunning!

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