Muhammed and Nazia at NMJ Hall Durban

I was taken by surprise by how keen Muhammed and Nazia were to have their photographs taken and especially how adventurous Nazia was.  Muslim weddings are different in that the service is only attended by the men so while Muhammed was busy at the service Nazia was having a photo shoot done.  The wind was unbelievable that afternoon and it was quite funny when Nazia and her friend(sorry forgot your name) were running across the road and they were both tied up in the veil.  It took a little bit longer to do the shoot as we had to keep fixing the veil and hair but not once did Nazia complain which was quite remarkable and I was blown away(get it haha!).  The NMJ Hall looked spectacular with so many interesting features that had been added to the decor to make it so pretty.  The reception went off smoothly with quite a long break during the meal which I enjoyed thoroughly as usually you have to rush through it in case you are needed for photographs.  After dinner we did the group photographs which as per usual involves everyone that has attended the wedding reception so it ends up taking quite a long time but with the help of Graz from Durban Wedding Productions it went off quite smoothly.  Muhammed and Nazia wanted to do a photoshoot of the two of them a few days later down the south coast while on honeymoon so I kept encouraging them to do an early sunrise shoot which they agreed to.  It involved me getting up at 3:30am and traveling down the coast but I kept having these thoughts that Muhammed and Nazia would not be ready and that we would miss the whole sunrise but I was very impressed to arrive at the house in the dark and find them ready for action.  We were lucky to get a beautiful sunrise and an empty beach to work with so it was well worth the effort to get down there so early.  Once again the two newly weds were eager to try anything and had a lot of fun in the process.  Thanks guys for being so easy to work with and for making the photographs so special I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.


  1. Breathtaking!

    • Nazia & Muhammad Rayhaan says:

      Absolutely amazing!!! We are soo thrilled with the pictures Wade. Your professionalism and talent truly stands out and we were so impressed with your ability to capture these stunning pictures and moments considering the weather conditions on the day (however the wind added beautiful effects). These pictures capture our wedding day and photoshoots beautifully and we cannot wait to see the rest 🙂 Love them!!!

  2. The beautiful couple so brilliantly captured. Excellent photography!

  3. Dr's Laher & Khan says:

    Absolutely amazing. Spectacular people, spectacular photography enhanced by the beauty of the couple.
    A truly special occasion that we were fortunate to have been invited to, thank you.
    May all your dreams and expectations be fulfilled.

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