Country Wedding at Penwarn with Jaco and Islay

Rain, rain go away come again another day!  Nope that didn’t happen.  I was excited to visit Penwarn Lodge for the first time and was completely blown away by the stunning scenery even though it was pouring with rain.  I arrived at Penwarn late Friday afternoon and thank goodness I did otherwise I would have been traveling on Saturday in pouring rain and on muddy roads.  This was the case on Friday but at least there was no urgency or stress at that stage.  I woke up at 4:30am on Saturday morning hoping to capture some of the spectacular scenery at sunrise but was greeted with grey skies and rain.  This was pretty much the order of the day except for about 40 minutes at the end of the photoshoot.  Thankfully Jaco and Islay decided to get ready in Underberg close to the church to save on travel time which worked out well considering the weather.  Jaco and his band of merry men enjoyed the morning and didn’t let the weather dampen their high spirits.  I was disappointed that we couldn’t use the pretty gardens where Islay was getting ready due to the pouring rain but we wouldn’t have anyway thanks to the hair and makeup taking so long.  I am not sure how the hair and makeup artists work out their times as even I know that what takes 2 hours at a trial will take realistically 3 hours on the day.  This plus the fact that there are now 2 bridesmaids and probably mothers to do as well means that everything will take that much longer.  I could just see Islay’s face getting paler as the minutes ticked away as she knew she would have to scramble to get ready and would still be late.  This obviously doesn’t help me as I have been relied upon to get some creative pics of getting ready but if the poor bride and her bridemaids are rushing around frantically then creative pics aren’t going to happen.  If you are a makeup and hair stylist and you are reading this please work out your times realistically and add on some extra time just to be safe.  The order of the day was for the bridesmaids to try keep Islay’s beautiful dress as clean as possible which they somehow did.  The rain was still pelting down after the service so there was no petal throwing and we all rushed off to try get to Penwarn before the light faded too much.  Jaco, Islay and the bridal party were absolute stars and judging by the smiles and laughter you would never have guessed that it was bucketing down and we were all getting soaked and full of mud.  The rain finally stopped for a few minutes so we rushed off(rush is an understatement as Jaco’s sister drove like Damon Hill at a F1 race except we were on dirt roads) to a lookout that I had visited earlier on in the day.  The view was breathtaking and even more so once Jaco and Islay stepped into the picture.  We couldn’t take long as the light was fading fast and we still had to get all the family and group shots down outside so we did what we could and sped off again back to the main lodge.  The rest of the evening seemed quite tame after the frantic rush of activity in the rain and everyone enjoyed taking it easy.  The fires had to be lit as the temperature plummeted(for me anyway as I come from Durban where 15 degrees Celsius is considered bitterly cold) but that just made the evening more romantic and magical.  I was exhausted by the end of the day and although you can’t let the weather ruin the day it just makes it so much harder to work in and a lot more stressful for everyone.  A big thank you to Barbara and her staff at Penwarn Lodge for their hospitality and of course delicious food.  Jaco and Islay were such an amazing couple to work with and I am grateful for their upbeat spirits and for not once complaining about the weather.  That could have made the day a disaster but they made the choice to embrace it and to focus more on the family and friends which in my opinion is what the day is all about anyway.  Enjoy the pics in the comfort of a warm, dry place haha!

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  1. Marelize Visser (Jaco's "F1 racing sister"!) says:

    Wade, absolute amazing photos!!
    Each photo capturing the happy and cheerful feeling of the wedding – HAPPY MEMORIES! 🙂

    Yes, it did rain, ….and then some more rain and it was cold – but this will not, and certainly did not put us off in any way of enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Mike Gordon says:

    Fantastic blog and selection of photographs. You are absolutely correct – everybody just threw themselves into having a great time together. I need to go back to Penwarn to find that wonderful setting above the mirror like lake( although perhaps not at the speed that Marelize drive). Will look you up when we are back in SA in January. All the best and Regards, Mike

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