Umhlanga Lagoon

Just after the new year started Mandy, the kids and I walked from Umhlanga to Umdloti along the beach.   We often walk along the beach to the Umhlanga lagoon and have always wanted to do the full walk so it was a good time to make that wish come true.  Along the way we came across a set of rocks that had been scoured out by some rough seas and that we had not seen before.  This … [Read more...]

Durban City looking Oh So Pretty

I really was enjoying my sleep this morning until the alarm went off and shattered my dreams.  I left home but by the time I got to the beachfront I thought that I was too late so I ran as fast as I could along the soft sand(good for the calves) to where I was hoping to take photographs of the city from.  Unfortunately steel fences and barbed wire halted my progress so I had to … [Read more...]

Penwarn Country Lodge

I , along with my family, were invited back to Penwarn Country Lodge recently after photographing a wedding(view wedding Blog here) there two months ago.  I was asked to photograph the beautiful place as they are busy updating their website and marketing pics and I could not say no.  It is the most beautiful place to visit with an abundance of horses(over 700), the bird life … [Read more...]

Scott and Tarryn at Netherwood in Nottingham Road

 I photographed Scott and Tarryn's engagement shoot not so long ago so we were all familiar with each other and new exactly what was wanted on the day.  They made things really easy by all getting ready at the main house at Netherwood so it was a case of running upstairs or downstairs depending on who was ready first.  Everyone seemed pretty chilled and things went quite … [Read more...]

Richard and Samantha at Cranford Country Lodge

I cannot lie, this was a tough wedding due purely to the weather.  Richard and Samantha and the rest of the bridal party were unbelievable as they were stomping through mud, running in the fields while the rain came pouring down.  I did not mind but it is difficult trying to keep water off the camera and especially the lens and then every now and then you get some droplets … [Read more...]

Vongani and Fikile in the snow

Vongani and Fikile wanted to do a photoshoot before their wedding which is coming up in a few weeks time up in the Midlands area so I suggested this previous weekend as I was already up there photographing a wedding the day before.  Well our timing could not have been better as it coincided with the week of snow that fell so what a treat to do a photoshoot in the snow.  I have … [Read more...]

Amalesh and Tashmeen at the Orient Hall in Durban

Amalesh and Tashmeen were a super cool couple to photograph as they were happy and willing to do anything and didn't mind working up a sweat to get some great photographs.  We planned the photoshoot for early on the Saturday morning as there wouldn't be any time in between the service and reception which is quite normal for Indian weddings.  I was quite surprised when they … [Read more...]

Family holiday at Umthatha Mouth

This was a much needed break from work and modern day living and enjoyed by everyone.  There are so many highlights and so many examples of God's perfect timing that I can't list them all.  Surviving the roads, or should I say the mad drivers on the roads, in the Transkei(I know it is called the Eastern Cape now but it will always be the Transkei to me) and getting through … [Read more...]

Struan and Ashley at Kokstad

Oh man am I sick of rainy weddings.  I was so excited about travelling to Kokstad to photograph Struan and Ashley’s wedding on the Stanford farm with the service to take place in an old shed and the rest of the wedding based on a farm theme.  My excitement was short lived after about an hour into the journey when I hit the first downpour of the day and from then on I went … [Read more...]